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DSPL2 Emotional based school avoidance support


DSPL2 support worker can provide support to secondary age children and young people, families, parents and carers and school colleagues to:

  • reduce emotional based school avoidance
  • support successful transitions

DSPL2 support worker can provide information and advice to children/young people, families/parents/carers, schools and services to improve individual pupil attendance and educational engagement and outcomes for a broad range of pupils.

Referrals will be accepted for children and young people from secondary schools. Parents can also refer for support.

Please indicate which of the criteria you are applying under (there can be more than one):

  • The child/ young person’s attendance is affected significantly by emotional based school avoidance (attendance between 30%-90%).
  • The child/ young person is finding it difficult to engage with education due to EBSA.
  • The child/ young person has had multiple school moves recently.
  • There are complex/ multiple needs across the family including EBSA, with more than one child having a Special Education Need or Disability and the family needs support to understand the SEND of their CYP to enable them to access services.