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DSPL2 Resource Library

Welcome to the DSPL2 Support Equipment Library

This is a free service.  

Any professionals working in a DSPL2 school are eligible to borrow equipment from the library for up to 6 weeks.

We are setting a limit of two items per school to ensure we can accommodate as many requests as possible. This can be a great way for your school to try out resources before you commit to a purchase. You will be required to complete the order form and agree to the Terms and Conditions before any items can be issued. All items will need to be collected and returned to Peartree Spring Primary School between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm. After having the items for 5 weeks, an email will be sent to remind you of your return date. It would be really useful if you could provide a small amount of feedback on the items borrowed as this can then give a better insight to the possible uses of each item. We hope that your school finds this a useful resource. We are open to any future suggestions as well.  

For any further information regarding this service please contact: