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DSPL2 Workshops


Throughout 2022-2023, school colleagues were invited to half termly workshops delivered to support current needs within our schools. Themes included; Support in Early Years, Time in, not time out, ADHD, Valuing SEND, Cognition and Learning and Pastoral Support.


2023-2024 Workshops


DSPL2 Workshop 1: 9th October 2023

Theme: Emotional Based School Avoidance


DSPL2 Workshop 2: 6th November 2023

Theme: When the adults change, everything changes


DSPL2 Workshop 3: 7th February 2024

Theme: VSEND Refresher


DSPL2 Workshop 4: 27th March 2024

Theme: First steps in supporting young people experiencing emotional based school avoidance.


DSPL2 Workshop 5: 22nd May 2024

Theme: SEND Benchmarking (lunch provided)


DSPL2 Workshop 6: 3rd July 2024

Theme: Behaviour