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Early Years Transition

Early Years Transition

DSPL2 coordinates an Early Years Transition Morning annually. 

The key objectives of the transition morning:

  • To provide an opportunity for school staff to meet with colleagues from nursery settings and PVIs to share information about the transition needs of their children.
  • To support informed, planned EYS transitions.

Thursday 23rd May 2024

Plan for the morning:

Colleagues from Nurseries and PVI settings are invited to represent their settings.

Nursery and PVI colleagues arrive prepared with brief, relevant information about their children and their needs. This might include identified needs, strategies and support and details of any other agencies involved in supporting the child or their families. It may also be useful to share information from the completed transition level of need tool.

School EYS staff have the opportunity to learn about the children who will be joining their schools in September from the people who know them.

Please use this link to book: