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Tier 3 - Larwood Outreach


Intended Outcome

For more children to remain in mainstream schools receiving the education they need to overcome their difficulties.

Support in Tier 2 needs to be in place in order to receive support from Tier 3


 What does Tier 3 Outreach look like?

  1. The Larwood Outreach team currently offer 4 main types of support for mainstream schools:
  2. Pupil Focused Support: Support and advice directed at a specific pupil.
  3. School Focused Support: More general support and training for individuals or groups of staff within a mainstream school setting.
  4. In-reach: An opportunity for mainstream staff to spend time at Larwood.

Training courses:   Events run by the Outreach Team at Larwood School.

Please click on links below to download  Tier 3 Referral Forms